6 Best On Page SEO Techniques to implement on your Blog in 2018

SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is a  technique used to rank a website/Blog in the search engines.

Seo onpage optimization

We do SEO in Two steps:

1.On page SEO

2.OFF page SEO

In this post, I am going to show you what are the On page SEO techniques which can boost your search ranking.If you implement them to your Blog/ Websites, it increases your chances of visibility in the search engines and also it helps in conversions.

List of On-page Optimization Factors

1.The title of Blog/Website.

2.URL Optimization

3.Meta tags

4.Image optimization

5.Internal Links

6.Page load speed


Title Of Blog/Website:

The title of the page is a very important factor of on-page optimization as the web crawlers scan the title when crawling.It should be descriptive, the first 65 characters are read by the search engines.These are the words which should start with your keywords.The title of the page is shown as the title of the website in organic search results.

The title has to be interesting so that the readers get attracted to open the web page.An optimized title will improve the CTR.There should be only one title tag per web page.Every web page must have a unique title.


URL Optimization

URL(Uniform Resource Locator) is web page address, the first thing search engines check is the URL of a web page, the URL of the page must be optimized well to get the desired visibility in the search results.

Make it simple and understandable to crawlers.

Meta Tag Optimization

Meta tags and Meta Tag Descriptions are very important in improving the ranking.Meta Descriptions are displayed next to the title of each search result.we can optimize them by adding targeted keywords in the description in a meaningful way.Meta description tag can have 30 -50 words.We can include keywords in the first 25 words to improve searches.

Image Optimization:

Image optimization is also one of the best and easy options to get the desired position in the search results.Every image has to be optimized with Image title an Image ALT text with the keywords we are targeting.Do not have the same Image ALT Text for more than one image.

Internal Links

Every web page must have a link to its related web pages of the same website.it is advisable to have 3-4 links to the related pages on your site.you can link with related keywords that pass the link juice to your page.do not have broken links wich will affect the SEO of your website.

Page Load Speed

The page load speed is a very vital factor which affects the visibility of the website.Ideally, your web page has to be loaded in the shortest span of time that is within 3secs to get the 1st spot in search engines.Use compression wherever possible to load fast.


Theses are the On-page Optimization techniques we can use to improve on page score of our website/Blog.we will look into the off -page optimization techniques in next Post.